Welcome to My Vegetable Romance: a site dedicated to animal-free fare, immodest writing, and MySpace-era apathy. I’m an Atlanta-based human being who enjoys a bottomless pit for a stomach, two tabby cats who try to ruin my life for shits and giggles, and escalating addictions to hot sauce and wintergreen candy.

The Food

Everything on this site is (trigger warning) vegan. Nothing I make and write about is complicated. Recipes are *mostly* created with health in mind, and always created to take you on the express train to flavor town. Any ingredient or technique that may be hard to find or hard to do usually has an helpful note. I occasionally like to develop copy cat recipes from restaurant meals that seduce me. Have a dish you think is impossible to make vegan and delicious? Fucking. Try. Me.


This is yet another food blog. A lot of the joy in my life comes from eating, cooking, and sharing those meals with people I love. So, against my misanthropic impulses, I’d like to spread the joy (gag) to you too.