B.S. Salad (Archive)

I call this little number Bullshit Summer Salad. Why? 1) Because my tastebuds want this salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 8 days a week, and wanting a salad that much seems like a bunch of b.s. and 2) I recreated it from Saba Restaurant‘s b.a. salad and I’d be bullshitting you if I passed it off as my own….

Kung Pao Lotus Root (Archive)

**Gu’s: an unassuming Szechuan joint on Buford Highway that serves many a dish teeming with peppercorn and chili. The stuff of my wildest food dreams. Their kung pao lotus root is incredible (among other dishes) and 100% worth the longish drive. When couch potato fever hits me in the middle of intense Szechuan withdrawals, however…