Tatchos with The BEST Vegan Queso

If ever there were a dish of true (food) pornographic proportions, Tatchos are it. If you’re asking what the hell tatchos are, hold on to the germ-ridden seat of your pants, kiddos: these are nachos with tater tots in place of tortilla chips. Nachos à la Napoleon Dynamite, if you will. These tots are topped with tex-mex style chorizo, rich and spicy queso, and an herby avocado sauce. If this doesn’t sound appetizing, you’re a freakin’ idiot.

Cheezy Shells

  Velveeta shells and cheese is that boxed pasta dinner that we all pretended was disgusting but secretly inhaled by ourselves when we needed a 4,000 calorie pick-me-up. Back in the day I actually added to the horror by mixing heavy cream into that plasticky orange goo before adding the shells. I could also consume the whole box in…